Music & Downloads

Sound can form an important part of your sleep routine. This is due to external sounds in your sleep environment and simply to help distract a racing mind. There has never been a more convenient and cost effective way to improve your sleep!

We offer a range of physical and digital solutions to help improve the quality of your sleep:

Meditation CD's
We selected a number of meditation CD's for the entire family - to help calm your mind.

Complete Relaxation CD 

Bedtime Meditation for Kids CD
Rays of Calm for Kids CD
Sleep Well Every Night Self Help Book & CD

These headphones deliver safe audio-assisted relaxation. 

SleepPhones Wired
SleepPhone Bluetooth/ Wireless

Digital Solutions
We have searched through the iTunes store and we can recommend the following products for masking external sounds - to help calm your mind:

Sleep: 111 Pieces of Classical Music for Bedtime

210 Nature Sounds: 20 Hours of Relaxing Natural Ambience for Meditation and Sleep

Music for Deep Sleep

Asian Meditation Music - 101 Songs for Yoga, Sleep & Spa Relaxation

Spa Music 101

Deep Sleep Music - 101 Songs for Sleeping

50 Relaxing Ocean Waves

50 Timeless Sounds for Insomnia

These are amazing for babies:

Newborn Sleep Music Lullabies

Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Newborn Sleep Music - Songs

Gentle Sound Loops for Baby Relaxation & Sleeping

And finally these are great for sleep meditation:

Deep Sleep Hypnosis

Deep Sleep - Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties

Deep Sleep - Kelly Howell

Guided Meditation for Sleep

I Sleep, Sleep, Sleep Soundly Now